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    We've just discovered a cool little web-based storage company called, based out of Sweden, that not only provide a web interface to manage your files, but also lets you map a drive using WebDAV to access your files. offers 2 GB of data storage free, and are the property of this company.

    Since provides WebDAV support, you can use SecretSync with it. It's pretty easy to setup. First, you'll need to sign-up for an account with

    Then, you'll need to follow their instructions to map a local drive to your account. The instructions can be found here.

    The following demonstrates setting up on the Windows System, using NetDrive, per the recommendation of

    After installing NetDrive, you can map a drive letter on Windows to your account. Here's a screenshot.

    NetDrive map to WebDAV

    Next, you need to download and install SecretSync. When it asks for the Dropbox, etc, folder, give it the drive letter you mapped using NetDrive. In our case, this was Z:\

    SecretSync tunnel folder

    Finish the install, and then you can use SecretSync as you normally would. Put a file in, it encrypts it and uploads it to the Z:\ drive, which goes to your account.

    E.g. here's the contents of the SecretSync folder:

    SecretSync with

    And here's the corresponding data in our account.

    SecretSync with

    Since WebDAV works in a cross-platform way, you should be able to setup this configuration on multiple platforms and synchronize your files in total privacy and security.


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